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Joe Derouen’s THREADS: A book review

Joe DeRouen’s Threads is a worthy follow-up to his debut novel, Small Things. It’s meatier, more complex, and line-by-line better written than the first novel. Joe still has some growing to do as a writer, but he knows how to … Continue reading

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2014: Write Every Day

2013 sucked. Good things happened, but worse things also happened. Good friends suffered major health issues. My mother passed away, leaving me to handle her end-of-life issues and get my sister moved to a public housing facility. The holidays passed … Continue reading

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Blog Name Change Coming

Will be working on a blog change this weekend. Nothing too drastic. Name change, some other changes. Just remember … there is NOOO rule six.

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Two Writing Prompts

I joined a writers’ group recently. In looking back on my unsuccessful fiction writing attempts, I was most prolific while part of a group. So far, I’ve attended two meetings, and I plan to attend many more. The group varies … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Kill Her by Max Allan Collins: A Review

(The following was posted to Goodreads and to my Facebook page.) <i>What Doesn’t Kill Her</i> is a thriller that thrills, but ultimately falls a bit short. The serial killer, to me at least, was easy to pick out way before … Continue reading

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Lester and Buster: A Writing Prompt

A writing prompt, suggested by the organizer of the writers group I recently joined:  “Your protagonist turns 70. He has three weeks to live. What is the one thing he needs to do before he dies?”Here’s what I did with … Continue reading

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A Southern Tale

Bella and Bubba were asleep. Bella heard a noise and nudged Bubba with her elbow. “Bubba Joe, get up. I heard a noise! It sounds like someone’s outside the house!” Bubba scratched himself, rolled over, belched and farted at the … Continue reading

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My Five Favorite Book-Filled Places

Rock Island LibraryRock Island, IL1962-1971It all started with the Rock Island Library’s bookmobile. In first grade, I read 14 books during the school year, all borrowed from the bookmobile. In second grade, I read 21 books, including the earliest that … Continue reading

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Small Things by Joe DeRouen — A Review

There’s a monster in Carthage Lake, and it’s stalking 15-year-old Shawn Spencer and and his friend, Jenny McGee. Jenny swears she saw the monster kill her brother, Tanner, who was Shawn’s best friend. Shawn doesn’t believe her, until one fateful … Continue reading

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Mrs. Freshley’s Dreamies Cream-Filled Cakes (New Recipe!) — A Review

In need of a Twinkies fix (has someone bought Wonder’s snack division yet?), today I found myself contemplating a temporary replacement that had appeared in my employer’s snack food vending machine — Mrs. Freshley’s Dreamies. Consumed with a 20-oz. bottle … Continue reading

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