2014: Write Every Day

2013 sucked. Good things happened, but worse things also happened. Good friends suffered major health issues. My mother passed away, leaving me to handle her end-of-life issues and get my sister moved to a public housing facility. The holidays passed with me missing my mother badly. Even the good news brought its stresses. After 10 months of unemployment (and a spotty work history since the 2008 financial collapse), I finally found a job that’s the perfect fit. Unfortunately, I had two attend a business conference a little more than a week after my mother passed away. And I had to help plan and attend another business conference in the fall. I do not travel well.

Good news included the end of a months-long, depression-filled writer’s block. In August, I joined a local writer’s group, which engaged in writing exercises every meeting. That helped break the block, so I dragged out an unfinished NaNoWriMo project from 2011, comprising only 10k words. I shared a bit with the group, which encouraged me to tackle it once again during NaNo 2013. Everyone who has heard parts of it, or a synopsis of the plot, seems to like it. During November, I joined another writing group which held Friday night write-ins at a local bookstore. Both groups have helped me to be more social after my self-imposed partial exile of the past few years, brought on by the spotty employment history, financial woes, depression, and in 2013, Mom’s death.

2014 has to be better, not just in comparison to 2013, but because I’m going to make it better. My only New Year’s resolution is this, simple and clear:

Write Every Day.

And this blog post counts as my daily writing assignment. Yesterday, I reviewed a friend’s novel and posted the review on Amazon. I’ll post it as this blog’s next entry.

Tomorrow? It’s back to the NaNo project.

May you have a productive, healthy, and happy New Year.

(Yes, I promised a blog name change back in September. I’ll get to it. Soon. I promise.)


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