What Doesn’t Kill Her by Max Allan Collins: A Review

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<i>What Doesn’t Kill Her</i> is a thriller that thrills, but ultimately falls a bit short. The serial killer,

to me at least, was easy to pick out way before the big reveal, despite a few red herrings thrown our way. The characters were well delineated, with two relationships, minor ones at that, really standing out: that of Mark, our erstwhile cop investigating the killer’s crimes on his own time, and his boss, the two of them somehow breaking through the stereotypical captain/detective adversarial dynamic; and a more touching relationship between the protagonist,

Jordan Rivera, and a fellow patient at the psychiatric institution in which she spends a silent ten years.

When Jordan finally speaks out, after having seen a news report about a crime remarkably similar to her own experience, she eventually joins a support group. Some members of the support group break off to begin investigating the serial killer’s crimes, since many of the splinter group’s members seem to have been victims of the same man. Mark begins working with this group through his connection to Jordan.

The pacing is good and the tension in the final pages pays off satisfyingly. Definitely worth your time.

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this novel from the co-author, who is named in the acknowledgements.


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