Looks like I’ve already missed a couple of deadlines for (un)blog posts: Friday, October 14, and Sunday, October 16. These two missed days in the write-every-day experiment do not bode well for my participation in NaNoWriMo 2011.

Deadlines and I have not been on good terms throughout the years. Oddly enough, when deadlines are established for whatever regular job I have, they’ve always been met. Sometimes, the projects were finished early, a fact that cheated me out of an extra week’s paycheck from my summer contract job. (The project was budgeted for another two weeks, but we were so efficient, we chopped a week off of that schedule, and then the client decided that two items originally budgeted for were no longer necessary.)

But when it comes to deadlines for my side projects — the WRITING projects, mind you, the *important* stuff — I start to slip and slide around them. FutureView, the column I wrote for The Buyer’s Guide to Comics Fandom, met its monthly deadline for a good year and a half before I lost my way. (Granted, I got married along the way *and* moved 600 miles away *and* started graduate school. That’s enough to upset nearly any schedule.) During that year and a half, I did whatever I could to make sure I got the column in on time, even if it meant driving to the editor’s house in the middle of the night to deliver the column to his mailbox. (Which happened more than once, I must admit.) When I contributed movie reviews to a website during the late 90s, I had a weekly deadline, which, again, I met for a couple of years. Then the managing editor changed, the website’s focus began to change, and I began to lose interest. So, again, the deadlines began to slide.

That’s why it’s so important I try to keep to a daily schedule now, in anticipation of November’s project. If I slip one day during November, that’s a loss of 1,667 words, a loss that’ll be hard to make up. I may have to shoehorn in a couple more blog posts this week just to make me feel like I’m caught up. Psychologically, it’ll help, even if it just masks the truth that I botched yet another writing deadline.

This post barely touches the surface of my tussle with deadlines. I’ll have to devote another post to it later on.

So my question to you: Do you meet every deadline?


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