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“You Just Don’t Get Me!”

“You don’t understand me! You never will!” Whose fault is it when the message fails? The sender or the receiver? Some writing experts say you gotta analyze your audience in depth in order to reach ’em. So who are you … Continue reading

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The Right to Die

(This post may severely upset some of my friends. Don’t worry, everything’s fine.) You’re living on a ventilator, your mind completely gone. If it weren’t for the expensive machinery surrounding you, you’d be dead. Is it dignified to keep preserving … Continue reading

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How Reviewing Movies Bought Me a Car

I’ve always enjoyed movies. Good, bad, or indifferent, the weekend usually found me plopped into a theater seat, munching a hot dog or Junior Mints and watching the latest Hollywood product. During the late 80s and into the 90s, I … Continue reading

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Who’s Nipping At Your Fin?

A mini-review of Catfish, a 2010 documentary film. I’m all kinds of naive, even at 55. I’m gullible, impressionable, a blank canvas on which others’ opinions help form mine. So I can fully believe that Nev Schulman, the vehicle through … Continue reading

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Novelizing Short Stories

One of my past NaNoWriMo failures was an attempted expansion of my short story ebook, “The Angel of Lies.” In it, the story picked back up with Bobby Reith as a young adult, just graduated from college, and how he … Continue reading

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Writing Groups

(Warning: I’m going to drop a couple of names during the following story. Unless you’re into science fiction or fantasy, you probably won’t recognize them.) It’s the summer of 1986. I’ve arrived back in Fort Worth after a week-long vacation … Continue reading

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Looks like I’ve already missed a couple of deadlines for (un)blog posts: Friday, October 14, and Sunday, October 16. These two missed days in the write-every-day experiment do not bode well for my participation in NaNoWriMo 2011. Deadlines and I … Continue reading

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What’s Your Dream Job?

So far, I’ve already had a few dream jobs. The first was working in production at a medium-sized radio station in a medium-sized Midwestern town. I produced commercials, the occasional public relations program, captured commercials from network, edited various items, … Continue reading

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Harry Chapin — Brush With Greatness

Over the years, I’ve had very few brushes with greatness. I’ve had breakfast with Connie Willis (well, I was the third wheel, attending with a friend), had a drink with George R.R. Martin (though I don’t remember if he had … Continue reading

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Tackling NaNoWriMo 2011

I’ve announced several times that I’m taking on the National Novel Writing Month challenge yet again this year, in spite of having failed at it four (or is it five?) times before. The goal is to write 50,000 words during … Continue reading

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