Crappy Music: Jack My Swag!

Look, I have no idea what “Jack My Swag” means. It’s a lyric in a song that could be, quite possibly, worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Found this in a comment, had to share it with you. A paean to tween materialism, “My Jeans,” by Jenna Rose, featuring Baby Triggy and Young Deon.

Not enough torture? Here’s the phrase “jack my swag” looped for ten minutes.

You know those conspiracy theorists who think jet contrails release chemicals so the government can control our behavior? Well, after experiencing the terror that is “Friday” and “My Jeans,” I’m firmly convinced there’s a secret division of the Commerce Department that produces these mind-warping videos to ensure all tweens CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME.

You can’t convince me otherwise. (OBEY)

Today’s Prevarication: I am a willing dupe of Big Brother.


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3 Responses to Crappy Music: Jack My Swag!

  1. Not quite as stupid, but with a catchy beat, is a more recent music video from Jenna Rose called “O.M.G.”

  2. Just thought I’d leave a note so you know you’re being read and that I’m caught up on your lies.

    No kidding.

  3. Are you sure you’re not prevaricating?

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