An Occasion When It’s Best NOT to Lie

A group on Facebook, named Quad Cities On Air, has interested me greatly over the past few months. I used to work in broadcast production in the QC area (Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa / Rock Island & Moline, Illinois) back in 1978 – 1980, so the posts stir up a lot of old memories. I post a comment occasionally when the mood strikes me.

This morning, QC On Air posted an old picture of the first AM station to go up west of the Mississippi River, WOC-AM. (The same broadcast outfit I worked for.)

WOC AM in 1922, at the Palmer School for Chiropractic

It was housed in the Palmer School of Chiropractic (WOC stood for “Wonders of Chiropractic”) and there was an old Model-T parked out front. I knew WOC started back in the early days of radio (in the 20s), so I zipped over to Wikipedia. Sure enough, the station started in 1922. So I commented on the picture with, “Wow, is this from 1922?”

I also posted comments on another Quad Cities Facebook page today, guessing at the detail photo of some downtown Davenport building facade. (It turned out to be the Wells Fargo bank building on Main and 2nd.)

Wells Fargo facade over Main St Entrance

Based on these comments, QC On Air asked for my contact information. Sensing an opportunity (freelance gig? moderate their FB page for a salary? some kind of work?), I emailed them. And waited. And hoped. For about a half hour.

The email came. It read, “You seem to know a lot of Davenport. Are you a local historian?”

Now, someone more devious than I would say, “Sure,” and try to finagle this connection into a paying gig. But I can’t do that. Sure, I have good research/googling skills, but that doesn’t make me a historian. I said as much in return.

Another hope dashed. But the Quad Cities On Air Facebook page is a lot of fun, so there’s that.

Today’s Prevarication: I have a flawless memory. So flawless that I can remember things that happened 34 years before I was born.


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