Potential, Living up to

A friend has insisted that Prevarications & Exaggerations should challenge people. That it should be edgy; that it isn’t living up to its potential. Yes, the April 7 post, “I Have No Time for Idiots,” drew a tiny amount of heat due to a minor political point, but according to this friend, that wasn’t enough.

Go write your own blog, I said. My unblog, my rules. Period.

I will decide what Prevarications‘ potential will be. I will decide content. I will decide when to lock threads and why.

Unsolicited advice is just that, unsolicited. Sometimes unwelcome. Sometimes rude. Don’t let someone else dictate to you how to live or write (unless it’s an editor). Live your life according to your expectations.

I frequently have to remind myself of this.

I don’t always mind unsolicited advice. A conversation yesterday just struck me odd, I guess. Occasionally, I do ask for advice, or comments, on this and other subjects. So — what, or who, do you think isn’t living up to its/their potential? Besides me, that is.

Today’s Prevarication: Other peoples’ opinions matter — ALL THE TIME.


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Despicably proud old man. Text-extruding asshole (thank you, John Scalzi) with a skewed vision on life, pop culture, writing and general assholiness. Not a scholar, not a gentleman, not Martin or Lewis. But still trying to make life fun and funny.
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5 Responses to Potential, Living up to

  1. Since you’re footing the bill then whether it is living up to its potential or not is your call. If it is filling whatever need there is that brings you back each time then it is living up to its potential.

    There are only two times it matters what someone else thinks:
    1. If they’re footing the bill. An editor or other employer who is paying you to produce a certain piece or a teacher who is grading a specific assignment, are two examples of this.
    2. If you are writing for approbation from others then you need to write for your audience. If you’re writing for an edgy audience then write edgy. If you not then don’t.

    Since you’re writing for yourself then write what satisfies your needs. If you find that writing something peaceful, calm and serene helps you feel better (probably not, but we’re ‘what if’ing here) then write that. If you prefer writing the equivalent of pissing into the wind then write that. If you want to scream and shout then use UPPER CASE!

    In other words, it is your dollar or hour so how you choose to spend it is solely your call as is the value you place on it.

  2. Thanks. Exactly my point. The friend who suggested I blog (unblog) is the one who also suggested I be edgier. Dunno. Never felt that edgy in my life.

    I did solicit her opinion. But I’m starting to feel proprietary about Prevarications, and further (unsolicited) advice is intrusive. Of course, I may change my mind tomorrow, who knows.

  3. parsingwind says:

    Ya will recall that I also said this is your writing–you do as you please. As the author, you always–ALWAYS–make the final decision about your own words. Suggestions are always that–just suggestions. Ya can’t consider about ’em–even to reject ’em–if ya don’t get ’em. But, if you want responses, if you want people to join the conversation, leave ’em space–and permission–to piss you off. Then just come back to the table–like ya did here–and use it as MATERIAL. 🙂

    And so I agree with Ken, but if you want me to shut up–well, just, ahem, smirk, wink, nudge nudge, man up. It’s too late now.

  4. I never believed, nor intended, to shut you up. I don’t have that power over you. That’s your call. I just wanted to vent, and thought this would be a good place for it. It’s, more than likely, something about me rather than something about you.

    Man up. Nobody’s ever used that with me. Usually it’s, “Stop being a pussy, Bruce.” I mean, really. I’ve never been a cat in my life.

  5. Oh, Parsing, by the way, you don’t need my permission to piss me off. But you knew that.

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