I Have No Time for Idiots

I’m sure you don’t, either. Idiots clog up our lives with spam, lies (hah! remember, only sometimes are lies useful or acceptable), stupid questions, inane conversation and lack of general common sense.

If you ask me a question you can easily google, you’re an idiot. If you don’t know how to properly use Google by now (look up BOOLEAN or click on Google Help), then you’re really an idiot. Or just a Luddite. (Hint: Use quotes around your search query. If you have several query terms, put a plus sign in front of each.)

I’ve fielded my share of idiot calls from family, friends and strangers. My least favorite idiot call is from the buzz box in my apartment building. People who are drunk or can’t read or are just plain idiots call my phone all the time, thinking they’re calling the friend they’re visiting.

My least favorite idiots in the public eye right now are Tea Partiers. They want to shut down government, not realizing that they won’t get their Social Security checks or Medicare/Medicaid coverage during that time. [EDIT: My mistake. Please see the comments.] And, if the GOP gets its way, they won’t get that coverage in the future, either. Idiots.

Today’s Prevarication: Homeopathy works.


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9 Responses to I Have No Time for Idiots

  1. zoombeezie says:

    Wow – talk about idiots! The TEA PARTIERS are not Congress (although there are a few elected members from that “party” in Congress) and they are not who is shutting down the government. The brave members of Congress that are trying to get this country back on the correct financial track are the one’s “shutting down the government”. BTW, anyone getting SS WILL STILL GET THEIR CHECKS! Anyone with Medicare/Medicaid will still be covered! Don’t call people idiots without checking your facts! It is the drive-by mindset of liberals that spew lies like this that through deception they get IDIOTS to believe the liberal “the sky is falling” ideas. Go ahead – hate the Tea Parties – that’s your privilege. (I’m NOT a Tea partier, btw.) Call them idiots but that’s the same group that will fight for your right to do just that. Unlike the liberals that want to shut down talk radio pundits because they think ALL of us are IDIOTS – that we don’t know the difference between fact and opinion.

  2. Looks to me like some GOP members are knuckling under to the fringe elements of their party (meaning the Tea Partiers), but that’s debatable, I grant you. Ripping the guts out of Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security is hardly brave. If you want to be brave, let’s start in on the Pentagon’s budget.

    About the SS checks and Medicare/Medicaid being covered: please tell me who will be processing this paperwork when the federal workers are all furloughed next week. The checks will eventually arrive when the shutdown ends, but in the meantime, Congress will be telling seniors and the disabled to pound sand. If you know different, please point me to a source.

    The stuff about talk radio is moving the goal posts and not really part of this discussion. The foaming at the mouth, too. I expect better from you.

  3. Thank you for the correction, Zoom. I found a source myself. You’re right, because Social Security is deemed one of the essential functions of federal government. That does invalidate one of my points, for which I apologize.

    The rest of it stands. Tea Partiers want to shut down the government, and the rest of the GOP is going along with it.

  4. For those who are making the same mistake as I have made (and this includes Obama and Harry Reid, who should know better), here’s one source regarding Social Security during a government shutdown: http://money.cnn.com/2011/02/23/news/economy/shutdown_social_security/index.htm?iid=EL

  5. parsingwind says:

    Hey Zoom, Bruce makes a mistake and he corrects and apologizes. Were I to see more fact checking, and more apologizing for getting facts wrong or for overly distorting facts from the far right, tea partiers, talk radio hosts, or corporate pundits, I would be much more likely to give them a listen (except for entertainment purposes. Despite Bruce having the SS issue wrong, a government shut down does mean suffering for a lot of people. That is a truth.

    As for tea partiers–Anyone who supports tax cut and tax credit corporate welfare and denounces support services–like medicaire and medicaide–on the basis that we (the citizens of this country) can’t afford it, is sadly deluded by corporate propaganda CLAIMING–that such tax cuts would mean jobs. (By the way, does propagating such delusions qualify as lying?). And as for tea partiers supporting my civil rights? Only for my freedom of speech (for which I have the ACLU) and my right to bear arms. When it comes to my right to terminate a pregnancy, or my right to confidentiality between my doctor and my, or my right NOT to support a religious institution through vouchers for private and religiously affiliated schools or my right to join a collective bargaining unit in order to improve my negotiations for fair wages and benefits from my employer be it public or private–well, take a second look.

    And no, congress is not all tea partiers, but the freshman republican house consists of avowed tea partiers, or those people supporting most of the tea party agenda. And these people are saying to cut it or shut it–which is basically saying cut it or cut it.

    As far as I am concerned, BTW, it is the far right that is crying, SCREAMING, “The sky is falling, and the sky will fall, if congress and the white house doesn’t do it our way.”

    My apologies to Bruce–But I just have to speak MY TRUTH! My lie for the day: I am ALWAYS right…um, no, make that correct.

  6. zoombeezie says:

    Bruce, thanks for taking the time to research the facts. I wish that more people would do that instead of preaching their opinions without basis of fact. BTW, friend Parsingwind, I would do some fact checking before showing your bigotry and ignorance. I say this not to anger you but to inspire you to seek the truth and find peace in your life. With this hope in mind, I will address briefly your ‘talking points’.

    The “right to terminate your pregnancy” will never be taken away no matter what the GOP right wants. The devastating effects of illegal abortions far outweigh the chances of Roe v Wade ever being overturned. This is the single reason why I am pro-choice.(Besides, the Supreme Court would uphold it considering the group that now sits on the bench.) However, don’t invoke that you have a right to kill an unborn being. It is your RESPONSIBILITY, as a human being, to prevent the pregnancy in the first place. No one has the right to kill another human being. But, because too many lives were lost to illegal abortions – it must be available to all, without questions and private. Government should not fund it because that is enabling people not to be responsible for their actions.

    Your right to not support a religious institution with vouchers? OK, but then I want my tax dollar contribution back that goes to education because I don’t want to support a failing public school system. In reality, the vouchers were to be used for your choice to decide where to send your children to school – there are numerous private charter schools that have nothing to do with religion. Again, check the facts.

    Your right to join a collective bargaining unit (another spin – you mean UNION) in order to improve your negotiations? If you are referring to WI, the state workers there were previously DENIED the choice to be in the union – you HAD TO JOIN THE UNION until the recent brave fight by Gov. Walker commenced. By the way, there are 14 states without unions for their state workers and they seem to be doing fine. Another point, the last Congress passed, and POTUS signed into law, that when you vote for or against unionizing, the UNIONS are allowed to see how you voted. How is that maintaining freedom? How is that NOT an intrusion of my rights? Back to the WI people and unfair wages – I wish I had the benefit and pay packages that the WI workers had. And my compensation package is considered, even by me, as being quite acceptable. And yes, I have been the member of a union – and an active one at that. Because of those experiences, I will never be a union member again. I watched as the unions choked and killed US Steel. Again, check the facts.

    As for the right to confidentiality between your doctor and yourself – well, you have that today thanks to HIPPA since 1996. I don’t know why you brought up that point.

    Please, seek the truth and find peace. Ignore the ‘talking heads’, read the proposed bills and laws (unlike Pelosi, Reed, and Holder) before you show your ignorance any further. Find peace in the fact that there are good people out there that do understand what freedom means and what it takes to maintain it. Do not be quick to condemn the “Corporations” for without them we would still be as backward as the rest of the world. Yes, I said the entire rest of the world is so far behind our society, our country, that it is laughable to even compare any country to America. Most nations in this world are far older than us yet we have experienced but a single civil war. We have not experienced a military coup. We let KKK groups march down the same street as the UHURUs (although not at the same time usually 🙂 ). Besides, the same corporations you are quick to condemn provide jobs and thereby funding for all the political parties. (Besides, just look at Soros using his money to manipulate elections!)

    In all, I am sadden by POTUS and his terrible opinion of my country. I dislike all of this political infighting and truly wish that both sides of the aisle (and the tea partiers 🙂 ) would shut up and get something done. If that means that we shut down a bloated government machine – then I’m all for it.

    Please – find peace and seek the truth.

  7. Zoom, Parsingwind: I appreciate the impassioned debate (parsing, you’re straying and frothing a bit, too), but after a final post from Parsing (if you wish to post again), I’m going to go ahead and lock the thread. Everyone will have said their piece, and there are better venues for political debate than this one. I never meant for this to become a political blog (unblog), anyway.

    Thanks for the passion and the thought you’ve both brought to the subject.

  8. parsingwind says:

    I won’t continue the debate, because these issues each are for more complex than space allows here. I would ask you not to call me ignorant–I have facts and logic to counter each of your positions here, but not the time or space to present them. They involve a few concessions, and a deepening of the discussion and a further description of the realities behind my stated positions. I will say this–I am an original patriot (and lover of old George M. Cohen songs), but I would never have the hubris to call anyone else “backwards.” Do I feel blessed to live in the U.S.? Yes. But I think public education, funded by our tax dollars, and public health, funded by everyone, is a sign of a compassionate and enlightened society. If my country asks me–single, middle-class, salt-of-the-earth–me–to sacrifice, then I expect my country to ask the powerful and the mighty to make a sacrifice commiserate with their status instead of shirking that sacrifice and whining about profit losses. If the Supreme Court designates corporations with the status and protections of an individual citizen, then I expect them to live up and LEAD in any and all sacrifices asked of them, without looking at the profit margin.

    As for vouchers–don’t care if it’s religious or non-religious. If you are complaining about a failing public educational system, then you become a public school teacher–in the inner city, in an American culture that valorizes individuals over the team–in a system funded by property taxes. Stop your whining, and step up to bat. All children deserve a good education, and as a community we are all responsible for our children.

    Unions? Belong to one. Know the extra level of bureaucracy it adds. Admire my leaders in it. Have sat at the negotiating table myself and been told that I’m “not like them.” As for the U.S. steel industry? It’s failure cannot be laid at the feet of the unions alone. It’s a wider, more global, economic thing at work, and part of it’s failure does lie at the feet of Big Business.

    Ultimately, conservatives, like you, value the myth that personal responsibility. I love that myth myself, and try to hold to it in my personal life. But–and this is a big but–we are social animals, and, as such, we live in an INTERDEPENDENT world where, ultimately, what happens to one happens to us all. It’s a myth, yes, as much as the myth of personal responsibility, but it is true. We all inhabit the same world.

    Make peace with that Zoom. And thanks for saying that we need to compromise and pass the budget, knowing that all of us have to make peace with one another. And I’m glad that you are willing to make that sacrifice in honor of our dependence upon each other.

    But it sure took a lot of your wind to get to that point. 🙂

  9. Now that y’all have had fun playing in my sandbox, I’ll be closing this thread. Y’all are welcome to scratch at each other in other threads.

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