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Crappy Music: Propaganda

“What’s your definition of propaganda?” The question left me flat-footed. I didn’t want to answer because a) I was fighting a cold (still am), so I was thinking fuzzily, and b) I think fuzzily even when I’m healthy. (Relatively healthy, … Continue reading

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Crappy Music: Weird Lady Al Gaga

I’m ambivalent about Lady Gaga. I’m very much a fan of Weird Al. So Wednesday’s kerfuffle about Al’s parody of Gaga’s “Born This Way” has me kind of “meh” about the whole deal. Lady Gaga — what can I add … Continue reading

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Crappy Music: Jack My Swag!

Look, I have no idea what “Jack My Swag” means. It’s a lyric in a song that could be, quite possibly, worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Found this in a comment, had to share it with you. A paean … Continue reading

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I Wanted to be a DJ

Not the hip hop MC type DJ, although I do a lot of scratching. (Damn dry, flaky scalp.) No, no, I’m talking the radio kind of DJ, spinning the platters that matter, the stax o’ wax, the hits that just … Continue reading

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Crappy Music: You Can’t Sing

Are you a Happy Walker Girl? Then stay the hell away from me. With black hair and a little less life, this could be Yoko. This guy has perfect pitch. Why, he can sing five octaves on thuh pianer! I’m … Continue reading

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An Occasion When It’s Best NOT to Lie

A group on Facebook, named Quad Cities On Air, has interested me greatly over the past few months. I used to work in broadcast production in the QC area (Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa / Rock Island & Moline, Illinois) back … Continue reading

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The Story Behind the Story: The Angel of Lies

Good news today. My short story ebook, “The Angel of Lies,” has been approved for Premium Distribution at This means that sometime in the next two weeks, “Angel” may appear in the ebookstores at Apple, Sony, Barnes & Nobel, … Continue reading

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Crappy Music: Black “Friday”

It’s enough to make you want to hang up your “Crappy Music” schtick and go home. Since last Christmas, I’ve been posting occasional “Crappy Music” finds on Facebook (the postings caused a couple friends to insist I start blogging, hence … Continue reading

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Potential, Living up to

A friend has insisted that Prevarications & Exaggerations should challenge people. That it should be edgy; that it isn’t living up to its potential. Yes, the April 7 post, “I Have No Time for Idiots,” drew a tiny amount of … Continue reading

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An Inside Look at a Major Prevaricator

This is too good not to share. Saw it on BoingBoing and had to post. Mother Jones has a look inside Glenn Beck’s brain.

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